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    Unbraided Flexible Hose Assemblies

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    Braided Flexible Hose Assemblies

  • FTL 1_edited-1

    Fabrications By FTL Solutions

  • FTL29c_edited-1

    3/4" Flexible Raychem Covered Gas Hose

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    Power Steering Noise Attunators

  • Stainless steel Hat Strainers_edited-3

    Stainless steel Hat Strainers

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    FTL Factory in Leeds, UK

FTL is a Manufacturer and Solution Provider for Flexible Hose Assemblies, Fabrications and Machined components.


FTL operates from a Custom Built Manufacturing Facility in Yorkshire, founded in 1965 at the same site, with 43,000 sq ft of production facilities for welding, machining, fabrication, cleaning, assembly and testing, we are proud to manufacture in Yorkshire.

We supply a range of products, to meet the diverse and demanding technical requirements of industries, including, Gas, Defence, Power Generation, Cyrogenics, Vacuum, Oil, Compressed Air, Nuclear, Chemicals.


Since our foundation in 1965, the company has become an expert in development of flexible hose technology to customer and industry applications and standards and the company currently operates a Quality Management system complying with BS EN ISO9001:2008

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