Quality Policy

Our business is the manufacture, assembly, testing and provision (to the customers’ design) of:

  • Flexible metal and non-metal hose assemblies, pipe-work systems for use with liquids and gases.
  • Protected Armoured Cord Assemblies and Telephone Handset Assemblies for the Telecommunications Industry.
  • Hydraulic Attenuators for the Automotive Industry.

Our goal is to be a leading supplier in our chosen markets by the quality and value of our total service to the customer. We are committed to achieve this by:-

  • Long term customer development and co-operation.
  • Providing our customer with a high level of technical service and support.
  • Meeting our customers’ quality requirements for product performance, reliability and safety.
  • Continually improving all aspects of our operations and customer service.

It is our policy to effect and demonstrate our commitment to quality by the application and maintenance of a quality management system accredited to National and International Standard – BS EN ISO 9001:2000.
The Quality Management System is the responsibility of the Managing Director who has the authority for its implementation and maintenance. The main policies and procedures are contained within the Quality Manual and supported by Operating Procedures. A copy of the Quality Manual is held in each work area, Supervisors and Managers are responsible for ensuring that everyone has access to the Quality Manual.

The Quality System will be maintained by a regular series of internal audits and by independent external audits carried out by recognised verification bodies, also, at the instigation of FTL by customers themselves. A biannual Management Review of the Quality System will set out and review quality objectives, which will be disseminated by Managers and Supervisors down to individual personnel.

The Company objectives can only be achieved by a process of ongoing continuous improvement and work practices focused on prevention and ‘right first time’. This requires that every individual take responsibility for the quality of their work, the service they provide and for initiating improvements. In order to realise this the company has a policy of training to meet job requirements and to enhance quality awareness. Progress on achieving quality objective goals will be monitored by regular Team Briefings and the results disseminated down to the workforce.

Customer requirements, technology and company developments are continuously evolving. The Quality Management System is therefore dynamic and reviewed regularly to ensure its continuing effectiveness. Participation is welcomed from all in revising, maintaining and improving this policy to ensure that these high standards are met and maintained.

Quality Planning

Quality System Objectives
To provide a system that:

  • Enables the Quality Policy and these objectives to be properly communicated to all staff.
  • Ensures that each person is clear of the Quality Standard that customers expect.
  • Is comprehensive and gives guidance to all departments so that they fit into the overall system.
  • Enables each department to establish the best way of doing things by establishing and controlling their own procedures.
  • Provides rules and controls for people to follow agreed procedures.
  • Enables the sharing of ”best practices”
  • Allows existing procedures to be challenged and amended in a controlled manner.
  • Provides a sound platform for continual improvement.
  • Progress on Quality Objectives to be monitored by Key Performance Indicators (e.g. Delivery performance, Customer/Supplier complaints, quality performance and production area target turnover.)
  • Systematic audits and wherever possible, independent examination to determine whether activities and related results conform to planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve the company’s policy and objectives.

Quality System Planning

Progress and achievement of Quality Objectives will be reviewed every 6 months at the Management Review (ref. CP 2.4.150.) Any amendments to the Quality Objectives will be sanctioned and approved at these meetings.