FTL is able to offer various options to suit product and Customer Schedule. These include:

  • Regular Deliveries
    • Bi-Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Delivery to ‘live’ requirements:
    • Kanban
    • Direct Line Feed
    • Buffer Stocks

 As part of FTL’s design and development, we are able to offer 2D design, 3D modelling, prototyping and product redesign, evolution and cost reduction, also cad / cam software.

Product Range;

Hose Manufacture:

  • Welding: T.I.G, M.I.G, M.A.G, M.M.A
  • Micro Plasma, Micro Pulse T.I.G
  • Oxy fuel Gas Brazing
  • Flame Cutting, Plasma Cutting
  • O2 Cleaning Facility
  • Helium Leak Testing
  • Clean Room